You may have seen the Hospital Radio Colchester Roadshow out and about, if you haven't then you have missed an experience...

Hospital Radio Colchester has an active Roadshow unit which is extremely popular at local fetes and other events. - see some of what goes on below and don't forget you could have us at your event.


We have a large custom converted caravan especially adapted for Roadshow use. In front of the caravan is a stage which has many applications. The Roadshow has a comprehensive speaker system and a number of radio microphones which mean we can cover even the biggest of locations. If you don't have a power supply we can even arrange for a generator to supply all our own power.

The Roadshow comes supplied with a team of Presenters who will take care of everything connected with organising and running the Roadshow and the continuity of your event.


Music is often a key part of your event and as well as being able to cater for your music requirements we carry a large library which means that requests and favourites can also be played.


The Roadshow can organise games for the youngsters to get them involved and using some of their energy! Prizes are often awarded to the winners!

All the Roadshow equipment will be supplied and rigged by us and our team of technicians.


If you would like the Roadshow to attend your event or require further details please contact us.

Due to the Covid19 situation this year unfortunately our Roadshow Unit has not been able to attend any events. We hope to be back in 2021

If you would like more details of what we can do to bring your event alive please email us

Roadshow Dates 2020