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Hospital Radio Colchester is currently looking for volunteers to get involved with all aspects of our service.
If you have a few hours to spare each week and have (or would like to learn) any of the following skills then please have a read of the frequently asked questions which also explain how to register your interest in joining - we'd love to have you involved and you'll have lots of fun while helping people in hospitals in Colchester.

We currently have vacancies in fundraising, radio presenting, engineering, studio work, office / secretarial / management skills, and hospital visiting.


Frequently Asked Questions


How often would I need to help and how much time would I have to give?

Most people are attached to one broadcast team which means they'll be on-air or collecting requests once a week. Most people will spend a two to four hours a week helping out.


How much fundraising do I have to do?

All members get involved with fundraising throughout the year as this is where we raise the money to keep the programmes on-air for the patients. Events take place throughout the year so even if you are busy for one there will be another that you'll want to help at.


What times do you broadcast?

We are currently on air each evening from 6pm-10pm and on Sunday mornings. That means all our volunteer presenters help either on an evening or a weekend.


How old do I have to be to join Hospital Radio Colchester?

We have people involved of all ages. However, our rules only let us take on a limited number of people aged under 16 and we must also have written permission from their parents/guardians. This does mean that spaces for people under 16 is very limited and we currently have a waiting list you will need to join.


I am a student and am only available in university term time - can I still join?

Yes you can - but you will still need to meet the criteria that other members do and take an active part in all activities. However, because our programmes go out 52 weeks a year you may find it difficult to obtain and keep a regular programme.


Where are you?

We have a studio at South Lodge, Turner Road in Colchester.


I want to be a presenter to get into radio - is this the right way?

Experience gained in hospital radio is ideal to learn radio skills. However even with these skills competition to get into professional radio is still fierce and hospital radio isn't a magic answer.


I don't want to go on the radio - what can I do?

We are also looking for people who want to visit patients, chat and give away our free magazines and collect requests. There's also opportunities for people who like to be involved with organising events, management, engineering and fundraising. Either way there is a full team to support you and you'll be trained in everything you need to know.


How much does it cost to join?

Membership is £25 per year for over 18's. Under 18's pay £15.


Will I get any training?

Yes - all our members receive full training in the activities that they take part in. We also run some dedicated courses in particular skills such as technical operation and voice skills.


What is involved with hospital visiting?

Hospital visitors will visit patients in a ward and spend some time chatting with them, helping them set their radio to listen to us and collecting the details of the request they would like to be played. Some request collectors will then travel back to the studio to help present the show while others will leave this to a studio presenter - either is fine!


I would like to help you with a gift/donation. What should I do?

If you have any CDs/records/equipment you'd like to donate to Hospital Radio Colchester or if you run a business and would like to make a donation or sponsor a programme then please contact us.


I'd like to get involved - what do I do now?


Click on the Apply Now button and fill in an on-line application form

Please note all applications may be subject to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), formally CRB, checks

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